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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bored With Korean Style !

Salam.. Wacha my fellow readers.. Today I just wanna to speak in english language.. Stop laugh to me.. I know my english language is so so and so broken and rubbish.. I think if I writing blog in english maybe can help me to improve it.. So can you understand my situation please ! ! SPM is just a round the corner.. oh ! forget to tell you that my english mark.. okey ! I get 52 mean C.. So total result is 5A 2B 2C .. Not to bad.. Maybe B can be A and C can be B.. OMG ! if i get the result like that I will fly with bird and hug anything I see..  wall, chair, door, people and everthning ! be a crazy girl and run to each place.. HAHAHAHA ! just imagine.. I hope it can be reality.. Just study hard and pray to ALLAH to simplify the subject from receptor to effector.. ops ! nonsense ! science diffcult too.. HEHEHEHE..

Actually, i wanna to writing entry about korean style.. korean fashion, korean people, korean song , korean drama and everthing about korean i like and love love love rubbish shit and stupid too.. Stop talking about korean please.. there are to many  korean group was create in facebook.. Why ? I really wanna to murder who create a stupid group.. 2PM, MALAYSIAN KPOP and bla bla bla..I admit i love korean song too but not like you.. Please be yourself first okey.. if you dont wanna to be you ? who wanna to be you ? 

Now I think that I be to bored with korean style.. Just dance and not sing..furthermore, too many group korean has existed and they make the same stupid style.. Dance and dance.. handsome and beauty face but there voice is too bad.. right ! HEHEHEHEHE.. Sometimes, I just wanna to go to kitchen and get hammer and go back to television after that  break the television... So gedik ! dem dem dem ! it too many AND i use.. crazy english !!!!  My eye is so sleepy.. i wanna get bed and sleeping beauty.. make love dreams with him.. stop it ! okey see you at next episode on my open dairy.. Byeee ! ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 


Puteri Iqa Izyan said...

korea best. hahaha.


wunny said...

same thing goes for me. -.-

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